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    Jane Austen

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Persuasion is the last novel written by Jane Austin in 1816. It is the tale of the romance between Sir Walter Elliot's pretty and friendly younger daughter Anne Elliot and the novel's hero, Captain Wentworth. This work possesses much more thought and emotional depth than previous works, thus it is regarded as the best work of Austin by many critics. Austin criticizes the hypocrisy and snobbery of the middle class with humorous and ironic tone. Austin shows her self-transcendence in Persuasion, on values and morality. On love and marriage, she emphasizes the changes from reason to emotion. On women character, she shows that on the range which man has taken, women also could. These fully reflect Austin’s thought has changed from reason to romanticism.


Jane Austen (16 December 1775 – 18 July 1817) was an English novelist whose works of romantic fiction, set among the landed gentry, earned her a place as one of the most widely read writers in English literature. Her realism, biting irony and social commentary have gained her historical importance among scholars and critics.

There had been the charm. She had sought him. Without that attraction, not all her money would have tempted Elliot, and Sir Walter was, moreover, assured of her having been a very fine woman.

Here was a great deal to soften the business. A very fine woman with a large fortune, in love with him! Sir Walter seemed to admit it as complete apology; and though Elizabeth could not see the circumstance in quite so favourable a light, she allowed it be a great extenuation.

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  • One does not love a place the less for having suffered in it,... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    You will never love the place in which you suffered a lot.I think it is the occasion Lyme met.How sympathethic!

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  • " "I thought Captain Benwick a very pleasing young... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    In this sentence,"bears" is equal to "has",but this word suits here just well,for the reason that it contains a sense of appreciation towards Captain Benwick.

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  • She felt that she could so much more depend upon the... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    This is a complictated subordinate clause,using that,who and whose to desrcribe her sincerity towards certain people.

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  • And it was not only that her feelings were still adverse to... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    I still hold the opinon that women usually but emotions and feelings over judgements.But in this case,this woman shows that woman can sometimes put judgements prior to emotions.

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  • Anne smiled and said, "My idea of good company, Mr... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    My opinion is similar to Anne.In my eyes,good companying means that good and effective communication.Just take my father and mother for an example.I have never seen them have a qurreal at all,not to mention a fight!I felt sympathemic to those children whose family members fight often and I am so lucky that I grow up in a warm and concerning family.My parents communicate often.When they have different opinions towards the same question,they talk and tailor a solution that suits both of their aspects.For instance,once my father wanted to buy a new TV,but my mother said it was no need to do so cause our television was bought last year.But my father is an electronic fan,everytime when he sees new electronic divices,he just can't help to study them and have a impulse buying desire.But he alwasys consider my mon's opinion,so he talked to my mom.My mom agreed that we sell the old and buy a new one,cause if we did not do so,it would be a waste of a fairly new television.We were able to use the money to buy a new one.So you see,they respect each other's opinions,and a win-win stituation in the end.

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  • Mary, too, was growing calmer. 全部评论(1) 去书内

    Growing means getting and becoming.In addition to this,in this situation,it shows that Mary is growing up grually,becoming braver and braver.So growing is used very properly here.

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  • I can support her myself. Leave me, and go to him. Rub her... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    The repeated words and phrases show that they are all in a such a hurry and horror.When we describe a situation that make people scared and frightend we can use repeated words and phrases like that.It will have  a good effect and result.

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  • ! There was no wound, no blood, no visible bruise; but her... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    This simple sentence describes a horrible and scaring circumstance that even make people feel a sense of cold wind.

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  • It was a little fever of admiration; but it might, probably... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    It often nakes me confuse that whether I like him or just appreciate him.As far as I am concerned,love begins with appreciation.Without appreciation,one can never attrack other's attention.So everything,including love,all begins with attention and attraction.Once,I appreciated and admired an upperclassman.He is 187cm tall,with brown curly hair,after all,he is really a handsome guy.In addition to his appearance,he speaks English really well and has won a lot of awards in various English debating conpetitions.Apart from those,we share the same hobby,going to the gym to shape ourselves better.At that time,I consider this kind of appreciation and friendship as love,but later I realized that I was wrong.If you love someone,you should love all of his strongpoints and shortcomings.Once I watched the finial basketball match,for he was one of the initial players.During the match,I obversed that he was not aggresive enough,and he even did not too care about the match.In the past and even till today,I believe that a man should be aggresive enough so that he can have a good career and provide better living standard for his family.So after that match,I deeply and clearly found that he was not the man I was looking for,and gradually we have chats less and less.Today,he has a girlfriend,I deeply and sincerly bless them have a bright future.

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  • I was dreadfully alarmed yesterday, but the case is very... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    An exagerated adv. shouws how annoyed the writer was when he was alarmed.

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