The Last Leaf

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    O. Henry

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    Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

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Johnsy has fallen ill and is dying of pneumonia. She watches the leaves fall from a vine outside the window of her room, and decides that when the last leaf drops, she too will die. In the night, a very bad storm comes and wind is howling and rain is splattering against the window. In the morning, Johnsy wants to see the vine, to be sure that all the leaves are gone, but to their surprise, there is still one leaf left.Johnsy believes that the leaf stayed there to show how wicked she was, and that she sinned in wanting to die. She regains her will to live, and makes a full recovery throughout the day. The doctor says that Mr. Behrman has come down with pneumonia and, as there is nothing to be done for him, he is being taken to the hospital to be made comfortable in his final hours. A janitor had found him helpless with pain, and his shoes and clothing were wet and icy cold. The janitor couldn't figure out where he had been on that stormy night, though she had found a lantern that was still lit, a ladder that had been moved, some scattered brushes, and a palette with green and yellow colors mixed on it.


The Last Leaf is a short story by O. Henry. Set in Greenwich Village, it depicts characters and themes typical of O. Henry's works.Johnsy has fallen ill and is dying of pneumonia. She watches the leaves fall from a vine outside the window of her room, and decides that when the last leaf drops, she too will die. To encourage her, Mr. Behrman painted the last leaf in the stormy night but he himself died of pneumonia.

欧•亨利是其笔名,原名为威廉•西德尼•波特(William Sydney Porter)。美国著名批判现实主义作家,世界三大短篇小说大师之一。曾被评论界誉为“曼哈顿桂冠散文作家”和“美国现代短篇小说之父”。他的作品构思新颖,语言诙谐,结局常常出人意料,其中一些名篇如《爱的牺牲》、《警察与赞美诗》、《带家具出租的房间》、《贤人的礼物》、《最后一片藤叶》等使他获得了世界声誉。

William Sydney Porter (September 11, 1862—June 5, 1910), known by his pen name O. Henry, was an American writer. O. Henry's short stories are known for their wit, wordplay, warm characterization and clever twist endings. The best known ones are A Service of Love, The Cop and the Anthem, The Furnished Room, The Gift of the Magi and The Last Leaf, which help him win fame abroad.


“Tell me as soon as you have finished,” said Johnsy, closing her eyes, and lying white and still as fallen statue, “because I want to see the last one fall.I’m tired of waiting.I’m tired of thinking.I want to turn loose my hold on everything, and go sailing down, down, just like one of those poor, tired leaves.”



O. Henry's stories are gems of their kind; mellow, humorous, ironic, ingenious and shot through with that eminently salable quality known as 'human interest.'" —Bennet Cerf and Van Cartmell

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  • The Last Leaf

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  • “You are just like a woman!” yelled Behrman. “Who said I will... 全部评论(1) 去书内


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  • The lonesomest thing in all the world is a soul when it is... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    So we must thank to all people who miss us and who make us miss them because of the bare fact that it is such people who make us feel warm as our friends,parents,relatives that give us the couragement to live in the world.

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  • “Oh, I never heard of such nonsense,” complained Sue, with... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    The magnificent scorn was intended to tell Johnsy that her thought that she would died when the last leave fell down was quite silly.However,Sue knew the fact that,maybe,that was true,so she must feel very painful in her heart.

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  • After the doctor had gone Sue went into the workroom and cried... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    From the first sentence,even without saying Sue's emotion,the author used her action 'ceied a Japanese napkin to a pulp' to express her great sadness.The second sentence forms a clear comparition with the first one,while we still know her sorrow in mind.As we all know,in this condition,it was very difficult to show happy.Sue,however,to make Jhonsy not worried,she had no choice,which reflects the great friendship bewteen the two girls.

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  • In November a cold, unseen stranger, whom the doctors called... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    The author was so good at describing something abstract,that when reading this period,I can even feel the pace of the spread of illness and its devillishness.

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  • So, to quaint old Greenwich Village the art people soon came... 全部评论(1) 去书内

    The paragraph describes the poverty of those poor artists by giving us a picture of their seeking for a living place in the area instead of saying it directly,which offers us some space to imagine and makes us feel more sympahtetic with those who were not pursuing the comfortable living condition,but their dream in the realm of art .

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